Size Really Matters

Size Really Matters

When it comes to shopping online for a leather jacket, most of the time the main concern is that the possibility of not being able to pick the right size. At the end of the day most manufacturers use different cuts when producing their products. Not only that, depending on the design some jackets might come in slim, regular or loose cut and this would also cause another frustration.

If especially your body shape is out of standards due to your slightly larger belly, wider biceps and shoulders or even shorter/longer upper body or arms then it would even more difficult to put your hands on that lovely leather jacket that you loved in our shop.

Although there are many videos on YouTube or information on the net to learn how to measure your own body size, you also need a supplier who can produce your loved design accordingly.

Don't worry WE HAVE A SOLUTION to make sure that you pick the right size.

First of all, upon receiving your order we will contact you to double check and confirm that the size you picked is the right one for you. However, please read the following information so that you can have a peace of mind when picking the right size

1-Different Fits may shift the standard sizes up or down

You might be a size 10 person which normally falls in to size M-L in standards. However, If you target a slim cut jacket than you maybe be better of going for one or two size upwards. If the jacket that you would like to purchase is a loose cut then probably one-or two size down might fit you better. THEREFORE, PLEASE, READ THE SIZE INFORMATION OF THE PRODUCT BEFORE COMPLETING YOUR PURCHASE.

2- Having an out-of-standard body shape doesn't mean the end of the world

You might have longer arms, wider shoulders/biceps or maybe a longer upper body that's all fine with us. All you need to do is to provide us with your measurements using the product customization option on the product page and save it. . As we produce each and every peace just for you, we will do those modifications and make sure that you are getting a perfectly fitting jacket. (If you need a significant modification this would be possible for a small charge) 


Don't worry we will contact you upon receiving your order and before producing your jacket or coat. Wishing you a happy shopping in our shop. If you need any further help just click on the little green button on the right-bottom-corner of the web page and talk to us live.

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