How to Become Instagram Famous

How to Become Instagram Famous

Since making its way onto every smartphone back in 2010, Instagram has been the ultimate go-to place for fashion fans to keep up to date with their favorite social media stars. However, like lots of people on the gram, we’re sure you’ve secretly wanted an impressive following worth bragging about. But we totally get it’s not been easy. There’s yet to be a useful step-by-step guide on how to achieve Insta superstardom – until now. With our social know-how, we’ve put together a foolproof guide that’ll help you become Instagram famous in just 30 days.

Find a Theme and Stick With It

Your Instagram profile is basically a personal shop window, whether a pink palette’s your thing or shoe selfies are instead, it’s always a good idea to create an account with a consistent theme. Not only will potential followers know what to expect all the time, you’ll develop a totally unique signature aesthetic.

Invest in a Statement Piece

This might hurt your pockets, but investing in a statement handbag or fun pair of shoes no else has is a surefire way to get those likes and comments flooding in. Your followers will never get bored of seeing them from time to time either, just shoot them in a different setting and you’re good for a few reposts.

Post at the Right Time

Knowing when your followers are online is the best way to up your follower count. Noticed how time flies by while you’re on your phone commuting into work? Start with an 8:30am post so your followers can interact on their journey into the office too. 12:30pmis also a great time to post - everyone’s always on their phone during lunchtime. Plus, you might just be the topic on the lunch table. Finally, finish up with a 7:45pm pre-bedtime upload.

Know the Biggest Trends Before Everyone Else

It's always better to be first. That’s why getting ahead of the biggest fashion trends before everyone else will make you the #1 fashion source on IG. FYI, pinstripe’s back in a big way this year. Getting your hands on pants and tops with this classic print will definitely get everyone talking.

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