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Our company

We are an online store based in Brighton, UK offering an extensive variety of Leather and Fur jackets, coats, parkas and accessories. We are the global sales channel of most reputable leather and fur workshops and bring you our 20 years of expertise in leather fashion.

Each and every piece you purchase on our shop is manufactured uniquely for you. Once you place your order we will contact you to make sure that you picked the right size and material. We love what we do and we will do our utmost best to provide you a pleasant shopping experience. www.leathervogue.com is a trademark of Leather Vogue Ltd

Please note, we are purely an online store and don't operate from a physical store.

  • Top quality products
  • Best customer service
  • 30-days money back guarantee

Our team


Production process of another fabulous handbag

A little snapshot of our daily routine when working on a new design.

Design and Material

“Our designers follow the latest trends and they are determined to bring you the most exclusive and striking designs which will be an elegant statement of your style. We only use the most premium materials.
You may find many cheap leather and fur products on the net we are aware of it. However, cheap materials such as split leather, dry sheepskin or some unidentified fur will not only make you look cheap and tacky but also will disappoint you with their durability in the mid&long term. Please note, they will not maintain their look not more than a few weeks.  


“Leather Vogue is the global online sales channel of 5 producers and a designer, all specialized in their field such as fur coats, premium leather jackets, vip leather jackets,  accessories, parkas and haute-couture leather hand-bags and bow-ties. Therefore, our priority is to offer you a hassle free shopping experience enabling you to purchase premium quality products with size customization option.

Reasonable Price Tags

If you compare our prices to most online stores you will find us relatively more reasonable because we produce our inventory in our own facilities and we don't use middle man. Although, we use the most premium quality leather and fur material in our products and designs, we try to make it more accessible to many of you by offering lower prices. 

It is possible use more mediocre quality material to drop the prices to be more competitive but, we aim your satisfaction for the long term and this is not possible with compromising quality.